Sunday, 25 December 2011


"It is a real pity that one must die to be able to get your innocence back."- the old crippled man said to the very tall man whose white long hair dissipated in his white robe.

-"One cannot get back to innocence,one can just learn and and try to not repeat the same mistakes to really experience the return to a starting point."

Life and Death are exactly like man and woman, without any respective reference of course. What I mean to say is that they are naturally bonded and from their unicity we all exist and cease to exist eventually.
The first time I was confronted with LIFE-DEATH  was when I killed a frog in my hometown Acapulco,in Mexico.I was a child living in one only awareness: Me. I did not know for certain that this animal would stop moving when I threw the stone over it hitting it.But it happened so quickly,I aimed at it and at my first shot I missed the most vital parts;then in the second shot I was already aware that I had hurt it,but did I want to really kill it by instinct,fear or because of a primitive sense of killing, or was I empathetic enough at the age of 8 that I wanted to end its misery...which I myself had started?

My second face-to-face battle with LIFE-DEATH was when I had to kill my dog,named Rocky because he had been poisoned. I had to; I had the consciousness right now because I saw it suffering, I did want to end his misery but in my heart I was feeling the same heartbeat as him, I was dying,too with the thought of Rocky leaving...where? I did not know and that scared me,as well,not knowing what happens after life, what is Death? What happens to us when we all get there? Do we all get there? This way?

Of course that I did not wonder about all this Life-Death dilemma when I ate any kind of meat,chicken, pork, beef, rabbit, etc. I just had my mouth open to food and the offer was abundant, so I never questioned this, the only thing was to get aware, as time passed by.

Most recently, Lama Thubten,one of my dear Spiritual guides said told a group of students of Buddhism that when you get to a farm house of chickens you can feel their suffering, so this is the Dharma path, to feel and empathise with other sentient beings and to wish for their well and do everything in our hands to prevent them from pain.

My third encounter happened when I faced my grandmother's Death, it needed many more years for me to call it what it is: energy transformation. At that moment when I was twelve and I had woken up to a Monday morning waiting for my parents to take me to primary school,my last year of studies there. My mother used to prepare my lunch in the morning so I was eating well at school and not eating all the certain junk they sold there. They had just arrived from Puebla, the state where my grandmother had lived all her life, and where she had died,too.

Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena
It was my mother who brought up the answer to my question of "How is my grandmother?" I knew already that she was sick, I did not understand how bad liver cancer was, but I knew it was not the heaven they told me about in church.

The answer was simple: "Your Granny, my dear...she has already died my darling." She said it with a smoothness and almost a whisper in her voice; but that combination of the truth told in a whisper and the sweetness of my mum's voice was more painful than I imagined. I remember crying rivers in front of my friend Ricardo, who was there waiting for me to go for the ride to school. I do not remember the rest of that day, it is a blank in my mind and I think that deep down in my memory there is a dark hidden space where that day is kept, but I decided to erase it, like many things we just prefer to forget in order to survive,without confronting the pain we experienced, or the memory of that pain "be able to move on in life." I was totally wrong.

Once again, it was a baggage of souvenirs in my soul that kept the nice feelings of her love and care for me which made me realize that letting go of her memory in my mind, and in my body was difficult when it feels so right and good to be loved, and in Death, the survivor goes through the unbearable inferno of knowing they love back,too. No matter how many times you showed it, or did not do so,there is always a part of us that flows along with Death and it is most probably the golden coins we have to pay for our attachment.

After many years had passed,and the pain buried under a pile of "todays" and present instants when I thought I was already done with it,I met the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.It sounds strange now that I say it this way.

We met in party of one of my French friends,I had been on my own for about 3 years and enjoying myself quite a lot.At least that's what you get used to thinking and many times the training of your mind gets lost in the habit of doing everything on your own and for yourself,even though you just crave for having someone to share your life with. I found my craving satisfied when I saw Alexandra. She was genuinely honest and made me scared to begin with. I did not know what to say to her but the usual stupid stuff party boys go for like " Are you enjoying the party? Hee hee!"

Anyway,I believe that we are magnets in this world and we attract what and who we need in time,how we feel, how we think and how we see ourselves in the mirror take the most important role in our stay here; yet all the gifts that life has prepared for all of us never come unless we are prepared to receive them. Life thought I was prepared.

But then if you are not prepared and you receive your gift and afterwards you decide that you do not want it anymore,or are not completely fulfilled with it,well life takes it away from you. After 3 years of marriage with our ups and downs, I decided my path was to be followed in Nepal,I wanted out,and this was not a mafia I was dealing with,just my wife,the woman I had chosen to be with the rest of my life and make happy. Little did I know that all the promises broken would come back to haunt my heart when after more than 6 months later I went back to Mexico city to find a job in a de luxe spa in Los Cabos,leaving Alexandra once again behind,fearful of confronting her and telling her that I loved her and that I was sorry for everything.

Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena
But Death has as well some important lessons for us to learn, and sometimes they are very hard ones. I had barely been working for 14 days at that spa when I received an urgent  phone call from my younger sister. I did not answer at that moment for I was off that day and she did not reach me,but one receptionist called me at my mobile phone and gave me the message that I should call her back urgently. I had been dealing with a terrible pain in the inner side of my left foot,so I immediately thought it was something to do with my mother.

Everything that is not said and done in life,when we are still alive will be gone when Death comes. Take every chance of life to do and say what is necessary to be in peace of mind and heart and soul.There is nothing like it!

Remember the duality of existence LIFE-DEATH is eternal,we have to understand the lessons of Life and the lessons of Death,for when we die and make that leap of energy into something else, we are able to think "I have led a good life...and now I am ready for a good Death!"

Everything moves constantly and changes into something else...transitions in between Life and Death! 

Keep Breathing!

Bada Dill


Saturday, 12 November 2011


"Why do same souls have to fight?
Because they love each other so much it is unbearable?
Because they hate each other deep down and hate to admit it?
Because they look in the mirror and all they see is their soulmate but he or she is not there to tell,to have or to hold."
 Jose Castorena

It is said in almost all fairy tales about Prince Charming. This romantic myth is very popular in the children,especially with girls. They grow up and are continuously bombarded with loads of information about it all along their lives. The romantic stories of our parents come to terms and add up to the illusion many times.

Romance,romantic,romanticism; are words connected to Love (with the most sensible people),to nice gentlemen and and poetry, songs, music and more. The one detail that brings almost all these characteristics together,in real praxis, is suffering. One of the definitions of romance is "fictitious,not based on fact." This has historical reasons and is based on the experience of many many human beings since we know that sentiments, feelings and emotions exist.

One more thing to consider in this story is the fact that in the past, romantic poets wrote about Love and feelings in beautiful verses and prose,yet the soul of their poetry was filled with suffering and misery.

The heart of the matter and the most amazing mistakes along life,in this issue, is comparison and illusion.They are always interlaced.

As we al hear the stories and fairy tales as children,we create in our imagination an imagery of what is beautiful and ideal,thus we create the illusion. As we grow up we are unable to understand the separation of illusion from reality,which is why,I believe poets in ancient times, and some even today, wrote about attachment and egos,mistaking them for real Love...still creating another illusion in all those whose needs are based on a false idea of Love.

I have read some "spiritual" authors who live still on illusions and fairy tales,and mislead in their ideas of a "soulmate." Some say that there is only one for each one of us,along all our life,once again creating the illusion of going out there in the world to try to find "the one." Besides, this creates,in reality, suffering, in the sense that if we do not find the one, or Prince Charming and/or our soulmate,we might end up with "the wrong one" and be miserable all the rest of our existence.

One more thing about soulmates is that I strongly beieve the Mayan people in ancient times were very right in their vision of each other as a mirror and reflection,too. So,we of course have to agree, a soulmate is that person whom we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Being aware of this will automatically discard worry and suffering for if we think about it,a soulmate is only a person other than us, with whom we share similarities and coincidences in all senses;yet we are not totally equal, due to our formation and all that we learned to be true as we grew up with different environments and contexts.

The soulmate is not someone who will complete us,this is in its totallity wrong. We are in the process of learning all our lives,and in that sense we require to feel complete within ourselves, to be able to share our lives at that stage with someone who will feel the same law of attraction between two who consciously want to share all they have learned together, and all they are to learn from each other,together...always having in mind we are all mirrors of all.

A soulmate is that someone who is essentially love and light, in whom you are able to recognize yourself as you look at each other in the eyes. Two people sharing their love and light as they walk along in this life together. Two people whose independent hearts beat as one and are so close that many times all they require is silence to communicate,and only some times, only some times they do whisper words of love,and poems in the ear.

Let's get real and live in Love and Light... there is no danger or illusion in that.

Keep breathing,

Bada Dill


Monday, 17 October 2011


We are as well a species of habits.It is all dictated in the nature itself. As we have the Sun rising and setting each day and the full Moon coming to shine once in a while. We come to live our days with making choices every single second about every single thing implied in our path,whether it is for stepping out of the bed,once that decision is taken then which foot will come to step on the floor first,followed by which hand will rise to cover our mouths as we yawn...simple things,yet amazingly powerful to fulfill our intent,or projects in every instant.

The point of course is repetition. In order to make an action a habit, it is recommended to do the same thing at the same time during 28 consecutive days. This is scientifically accepted,but it could be less than that,of course,for there are people who learn faster than others. I am talking about questions we have to learn because we need a change or we want to change an older habit;of course we have the choice to make it always better in order to have a respect for nature,too. Nature is always renewing its own habits, nature is always adapting to new circumstances.


Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena
This is the big lesson of the natural flow in the world,in our planet,in the wildlife to which we used to belong, in the Universe which is neverendingly changing,evolving (I would like to believe that!) at every instant. One more thing to understand is that nature shows the way,always.

Whether if it is through sickness,or a shock, or great news, or lack of worry (yeah,suddenly we stop worrying!) or through a "bad" relationship or a "good" one that turns "bad" the law of change is always present,and the famous suffering the Buddha used to talk and teach about will come to terms due to the resistance and stiffness to it. It will evolve eventually according to our choice,again.

There is a natural tune of rythms and melodies in the world that we are part of. Like yawning,this planet and its energy has its own rythm and purpose in our bodies and physiology,the difference is that we don't know the purpose of yawning,we just have theories about it but nothing certain;for the planet it is all about balance...equillibrium. Just like our bodies, the planet follows its needs rules by its own laws and nature,we, humans have no other choice but to adapt.

This is for me, a definite destiny for us living in this world. It might just sound like a little detail,yet we need to know that we are all one with the planet.

I would love to have a mirror to look at the whole world in front of us,but then again we just have to peek at ourselves to have a hint of everything.

Keep breathing!

                           Bada Dill

Sunday, 16 October 2011


   Perfection is achieved when you understand the simplicity of nature and its balance,when in anything you do,you find joy and complete happiness to service and help the entire planet...and its inhabitants.

I have witnessed the amazing power of ADOPTION in one's peace of mind,which is followed by the heart and the contemplation of emotions. I let myself ellaborate.

As a teacher of Traditional Thai Massage I came about one very dear experience in which I learned this concept. I was with my class in Barcelona doing our morning prayers to the Buddha and Doctor Shivago,as it is marked in our ritual.The yoga studio I was teaching at is on the second floor of a beautiful building,in the middle of one of the most famous touristic corridors in the city called Las Ramblas,and even though we were there early in the morning on a Saturday,the narrow streets around the Barri Gotic next to the studio create a very audible echo, so we could hear people commenting on the city, or some with a hangover,another one running for fitness,let's say a wide and colourful array of choices in a jungle of concrete. Yet, no other sounds of nature,no birds chirping,no wind blowing,no leaves falling.
Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena

One of my students commented "Ay Dios que ruido!" Meaning how noisy,my God! Looking out the window where a sunray had found its way into the room,I just smiled at the words.

Recently,and I really mean that for it was just 20 minutes ago,a fellow Thai Massage practitioner working in a "palapa" by the beach called me to stop the noise of kids shouting in a birthday party next to the area he is at. Once again, I smiled at his words and went on to the party to call for a little attention to the fact that for him,they are making a lot of noise. I just waved with my hand saying hi to one of the persons attending the party and smiled at them.

A dreamer and yogui shared with me a picture she had taken and published in facebook.A very nice and melancholic photo of a empty bench in a park overlooking a city in Colombia. She said that it was a pity she did not have the right lenses and camera to make a better shot. I just smiled and told her the picture was pretty.

I believe we have to make a very clear distinction in what we conceive as perfection,for in our search of beauty outside of us and in the images, or sounds or moments we prefer or perceive as beautiful,we are missing the great opportunity of "adopting" all those events,all that energy going around as a significant experience to our spirit and heart. We must be able to find beauty in spite of any circumstance  because then this means that tranquility is within us so we have time to contemplate and be completely happy.

Every single instant is perfect,and even those filled with killings and violence need our help,our mind and love to turn into total beauty,for we all are perfect...and we must learn to understand why,and to see it through the power of adoption.

Keep breathing!

Bada Dill


  In the end of it all, there are no such things as erros or mistakes. This is a limited vision based on negativity,only.

I mean if you really give it some time to think about it, your present life is a series of steps taken by you,chosen by you and assimilated by you eventually. Each of your decisions will have its proper and right consequence,whether it turns out to be "bad" or "good" as an outcome.

What do you think of mistakes? Was the last step you took a mistake,or the one prior to that one? The general meaning or definition to the word implies a defective judgement, yet we can comprehend better the consequence of a decision form simple Physics.

Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena
The equation action=reaction is inevitable in life,and part of nature itself. To consider what is natural a mistake is a mistake! The misconception and satanization of mistakes comes from the rationalization of things. The more you think the less clearly you see.

One very essential aspect of this process which stops the nature and flow of things and events is personality. "Personnae" means "masks." The fact that as we grow older we learn to put on different masks in order to survive,something we human beings consider to be natural,is a basic need in our species,as it is in many others in the planet. But what if it is NOT natural? What if it is only our interpretation of the world we live in as we evolved?

So all this implies we are to go back to the "cave men" time,but don't worry,just in terms of human nature.

In the end, we all know that we are the consequence of our past. Whether we have chosen to be a thief, or a police man, a housewife or an accomplished business woman, a killer or a healer; it is all a question of choice. Even in the poorest lumpens in the world, survival and success is a question of choice. Of course that we need to rid our minds of commercial concepts of success and the idea that people sell to us since we are kids and struggle to understand this grown-up concept. For this is one of the many masks possible to take into our lives.

As we move onto living with Consciousness,we can start the acceptance of the choices we make and our chosen path in life. Choosing is a natural need for survival and most important (once we have reached that state of survival), it is an essential way to have the might,the power to discard all the masks,one by as to experience our true Essence,which is naturally connected to the equillibrium between light and beauty.

Because we are all light
and we are all beauty
...we are all the core of love.

Keep breathing!
       Bada Dill

Thursday, 18 August 2011


I was recently invited by a couple of friends to give a talk about Mexico in a primary school in Bishan district. Children between 8-10 years old attended in the first talk on the 5th of August,and 11 and 12 year-olds attended the most recent one on the 17th of the same month,two key days in turn,a Friday and a Wednesday,respectively.

To begin with, the main objective of my friends with their work in their two groups of children is to provide them with a window and a vista of the rest of the world. They believe it is important for children to understand that they are not alone in this island and that even if this country is growing economically we must not forget that this has happened due to the country's interaction with the rest of the world,as well. My friends believe in a system where questions are allowed in class,as long as they are significant to the learning experience. Even though they lack experience in methodology for kids, their clear intention shines over that fact and basically, what they are creating is an atmosphere where critical thinking is the actual atmosphere and bottom line subyacent to the class.

Some of those children come from a violent environment at home, either a father in prison for a crime, intra-familiar violence, hence violence towards the children in that cell called home.

Many people say that children are the future of the world, and they represent the hope for a better world to come, and most agree that this is true.

I believe it is not!

I believe that children have a present, and they live the present as intensively as adults do,too. Only that they are little and we have grown up. Yet as we grow we carry in our memories, above all, our implicit memory all the experiences we have gone through and lived, yet not accepted. Many of those experiences as children were not or have not been overcome or surpassed,and I am talking about traumatic experiences that teach us significant and in many cases the most valuable lessons in life to be shared. There is a part of us that remains there,in that memory and tries to cope with it as we are coping with the change in growing and becoming and "adult."

But what is an "adult"? According to some dictionaries it is a person who has "fully grown up"; "a person who has attained the age of maturity as specified by law." And this is where it becomes interesting, because many people are not aware that the origin of the word adult comes from Latin "adolere", which is explained as " make grow" putting aside tha fact that it implies "pain" in that process of growing. So we could say that it literally means "the one growing painfully."

Were these people philosophers who knew the human mind and that when we are kids we want to become adults and when we have become adults we would love to go back in time and be kids again? This is why Schoppenhauer said that the human being cannot be happy at all, because we keep wanting and wanting more every time we get whatever we wanted in principle.

What if we stop wanting that, and live the present fully and in happiness that we are alive and have the grand opportunity to turn our lives meaningful to the whole existence? Isn't that a good idea of a grown-up person? It sounds great! Thinking that any job we do is to help this be better world helps more than just talking about it.


The amount of kids with dreams of doing something really nice when they grow up, stop dreaming because of their present circumstances. From that group very few will really develop mentally into a stronger and complete person, most probably not following the model proposed by their adult "guides."

I came along to these two classes at a time and found that there are many children eager to learn and be part of the world as grown-ups and productive. We have to send them the message that they ARE ALREADY IMPORTANT TO THIS PLANET!

How? By encouraging in them the sense of solidarity, honesty generousity, and the right for all sentient beings to be happy in this life, and letting them know that their presence in this life is key to achieve this collectiviely. Let them question the status quo and make it better, for all, not just for a small group of people, teach the sense of justice by example and by being just fair.

This one goes for the BIG KID living in the small adult now.

Keep breathing!

Bada Dill

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Codependency is the worst enemy of the idea of love because the more subtle it is the stronger the attachment.

The human being is not conceived as a sole soul and apart from others like them. For we come from two who become one and create, the conception of one more on Earth. So we can see that the subtlety of an idea can become a tangible being, with all the characteristics of one of us and the rest of what exists in nature.

So, the conception of a human being comes from subtle energy. When this energy is filled and enriched with love,then the totality of that being becomes stronger. The birth of that idea in a tangible human baby becomes my metaphor for independence and freedom,because after being and co-existing within a human being then we have to experience detachment and independence from our mother. Even if we have been conceived and conformed by two,we become ONE, and even when we are one and two at the same time when in the womb of the mother,we have to be ONE.

This is a very strong reason why women find more trouble in being independent and free from the subtle idea of a lasting relationship with men,or being alone or on their own. Is it because the sensations and emotions during pregnancy are so overwhelming by experiencing pain and disease and pleasure at the same time? When people ask me to give examples of pain and pleasure in one single experience, I immediately think of this sequence in the productive history of humans:


There is a strong connection between all that belongs to the body and that of the spirit. They act because of the other, they are because of the existence of each other, and they affect one another in profound manners, all of that connectivity wrapped around with SUBTLETY.

Masaru Emoto's crystals in water affected by positive messages.
They say more than 70% of our body is constituted by water and depends on it to exist and function properly. Our relationship with water is endless. Our relationship with ourselves is neverending,too. We are craddled by water since the very beginning of our existence inside our mother's womb, as we are in Mother Earth; we adapt each other to each other's needs, the shape of her belly adopts the wonderful shape of our presence,and water follows the path led by us. So as well, water is shapeless without nature and without our influence. Water is the perfect example of ADAPTATION AND DEPENDENCE.

But then what is the energy that makes this water in our system move?

It is the energy of the wind.

Breathing is life,so the air we breathe is life,even charged with all the bacteria (which are another manifestation of natural co-existence in life) possible, the air we breathe is essential. Wind is one of the most subtle energies,perhaps the most subtle of the elements for besides being shapeless, we cannot see it at all. Yet, nobody can deny its existence and feeling when it comes along and travels all over our body like a caress; nobody can refuse its power when the subtle whisper of loving words through the ear gets to our hearts and makes us feel genuinely part of the world:marvellous and flamboyant. Or quite the opposite,too. It is the wind that soothes and beautifies the travels of leaves from a tree to die and transform. It is the wind, as well, that can make an entire town disappear in just a few minutes.
Photo by Jose Carranza Castorena

Storms are conformed by these two energies, which create a third one with their interaction: the thunder. The wind has to adapt as well to the shape of the object it goes by to continue its course.

To lead a better and calm existence, we humans, have to learn from the elements. We need to learn to adapt, not to try to hold an experience forever (for the wind is memory) because everything is changing and flowing like them in nature. So due to the fact that we are influenced in every sense by these two elements and all the rest,too; to be able to co-exist more healthily we have to respect the very nature of their presence in us. We have to flow, there is no other way to lead a life of light and joy in our time. This is the sumum of our goals in life,to reach the real and amazing equilibrium among all the elements that conform Nature, which includes us. Because it is due to our presence they have become our Gods in ancient times. Yet, we have to understand that by creating the world around us, we become Gods.

An there is no one that can stop you from creating the world you wish around you...only you yourself can change and become shapeless and soothing like the water and wind within you. Remember we can shape up diamonds with our voices, which are wind itself, or destroy them if we want to. This is one of the main interactions of those elements that depend on our own nature and influence. So it is the subtle power of the mind that comes to terms.

Create a better world by destroying the egos of fear, anger, worry and attachment.

Live life in the dream of yourself.
Keep breathing.

Bada Dill

Thursday, 11 August 2011


  I come to realise that there are many people out there who, through Art, make meaningful changes in their lives and those of others. These people do not need to dress up like a yogui or pretend to be spiritual.

Yet you must understand that there are many people who take as fashion to be "spiritual." Practitioners of yoga because it is the current trend and want to boast about how in peace they become when they are in the yoga studio on Orchard road, and how they love wearing Adidas for their yoga session. This is the trend in the world, not only in Singapore. Everybody seems to feel compelled to do yoga. However, let's promote the practice and other energetic disciplines for the right reasons,one of them can be to develop a stress-free life style.

All of us have the possibility to carry out these sort of energetic practice and activities without even signing up to a specific organization,the only thing needed is the willingness to do it;and the essential base and objective at the same time is Consciousness. A life style implies actual and factual habits,changing paradigms if necessary and adopting customs and traditions in every aspect of living. Why not to choose to live healthily and spiritually as a conscious foundation of our existence instead of taking it as a temporary visit to a "cool" place? Then what? If you get tired of it, you go back to your old life?

Yet, I believe that one can never get tired of being happy,for it is a state of mind,not only a feeling,which is temporary and finite; being happy,healthy,spiritual,compassionate,in love,generous and true to this state of mind is simply the way we are supposed to live life!

Photo by Terrablanca
Nevertheless, for whatever reason a person does practice yoga,it will do good to them. Based on my practice and my teaching-learning experiences I have found that when you start with the goal of changing your body,you will end up changing your Consciousness. It happens so. There is no talking about meditation and the cosmos,we do not need that,it is through the body that change manifests in many diverse ways to affect us in every aspect of our being.

The word generous means liberal in giving, unselfish, it comes from Middle French généreux  < Latin generōsus >of noble birth. I personally believe as well that derived from this ethimology we can also add the meaning "generate" in my spiritual dictionary. And to generate is to create, to make something that will help this planet and us who inhabit it. This is why I think that there are many people out there doing true yoga and Dharma practice without noticing. People who are definitely more spiritual than those pretending to do so and teach yoga,for yoga my friends cannot be taught but only shared.

Create and become an artist.No need to talk about how spiritual you are...just be spiritual and your lips will be sealed and your spirit free! Then real change will come to be a permanent presence in your conscious life.Make your life an art because change will happen with or without your actions.

Keep breathing!

Bada Dill

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Some time ago,a girl I was treating with massage in Barcelona Spain,told me that she felt really sad because she felt she was used sexually by men. That sex was the only interest they had in her. She said that men surrounding her and coming her way only felt like having sex and not having a serious loving relationship.

"Men are horrible...scumbags" she said to me while sitting in a bar drinking a beer. This girl is a very beautiful woman, very attractive in the outside. Yet very lost.

I asked her: "What do you want from men?" -"I don't know, I just don't want to feel they use me all the time!"
-"Men come around me like vultures,trying to get a piece of me." She said.
Photo by Jose Carranza Castorena
-"Remember that vultures feed from animals that do not move,they feed from carrion,dead animals carcasses...SO MOVE ON!" I said.

Her expression in the face changed, it felt like she was not comfortable anymore talking to me. Most probably it was not something she did not want to hear from me. Was it because I am a man, and I was supposed to go after her, as well? Or because it is the ego of people, men and women, which was hurt? Or maybe could it have been that she had already developed a habit of letting "scumbags' come into her life that she had become a magnetic field calling them to feast?

There might be many more explanations but the fact remains that she felt lonely. And she was wrong totally, for whenever you feel lost and sad because 'life" or "others' are not good to you, this is a great moment to go for the golden lesson of SILENCE. Meaning less talk and more introspection. This is the time when you have to look inside of you and marvel at the beauty of the creation, and understand that we are one with it. We are part and still one with it.

The answer resides inside,never outside.

My teacher, Lama Thubten Namdrol Dorje, said that we all live in so little spaces nowadays in the cities that we always have the need to go outside. And this is even happening spiritually in all of us. This is because of ignorance. We don't know at all. We don't know that if we remain passive of the fact we have to move on, to bring emotions into real feelings by understanding them and all we do is just talk, talk and talk about "problems" and events in our lives; then we are just handing out our own power to change things, to change EVERYTHING if we need it.

Happiness is something you feel from inside out. There is no one, not a single person that will make you happy, or miserable for that matter. You choose to believe that and you will get lost...because you will not be free. You will only be dependant of the outside world for you to "feel" happy when real happiness is inside , in your heart waiting for you to meet there. BE HAPPY, just  BE. No instant and severed moments when you only feel!

You have to set your life in motion, and stay moving all the time, like nature itself. You are Nature itself. Like trees which grow and are well rooted. Stability comes from knowing what you really are here for: Be happy, learn and share your learning and devote yourself to the service of others because they all are YOU. You and all are ONE.

Be alive and in constant communion with nature. Kill your ego every day and night, yet do not kill yourself by depending on fear to survive, because you will become carrion...then naturally, vultures will approach you.

Bada Dill

Thursday, 28 July 2011


It is true, it is real.

Life,potential,power,inner beauty reflected in the outside and vice versa. The planet is a transport system and we are all passengers.

We live life according to a system,set by us,ordered by us,demonized by us,re-arranged by us,chosen by us,fractured by us and with great potential to be perfect,like us.

Still,there are people who do not feel they belong to this planet.People who feel they are out of this world,they are strangers in their own world and they know certainly that this system is not meant for them,thus they live and conceive life in a different way. What does this mean? Simply speaking,it just signifies they flow with life and its course.

Imagine a leaf hanging from a tree.Imagine this leaf coming to existence and its peak of life in spring,then autumn will come and the leaf will fall,carried by the wind somewhere else,falling into a river which will take the leaf somewehere else,the river will come to a lake,and the leaf will finally make the most transcendent change...turn into a source of life for other living and sentient beings going again into the circle of life and death.crisis.

Oh,what a nice dream to flow in life like a leaf! Living this world and its constant movement and vibration to the fullest,and going with it,as the most cherished voyage companion one can have,adapting,changing as well to live the new environment...flowing with life! The way it is supposed to be!

You can only find examples like this in nature. It is in Mother Earth that we can actually make comparisons on how every single living thing,including plants,animals,flowers,stones,mountains,elements and even human beings when we really make that meaningful connection with nature;with its own essence flows in life without disturbance.

It is no coincidence that in the last 30 years,more people are feeling odd and far from this world.No accident that married couples or lovers have chosen the antithesis of their own nature. To be able to learn important lessons about ourselves and life we need to understand this is only possible if we encounter the total opposite of ourselves,to find out in the end, that we share that very same nature,that it lives within us and we can let it go and flow somewhere else to feed spiritual growth for someone else.
Photo by Jose Carranza Castorena
People do not feel strange to this world,in reality they belong to this world. They feel strange to the system. The system that values people for how much money they make,or have,the system that does not care at all about people killing other people for whichever "unreasonable reason" they want to make others believe in,the system which only provides with worry and fear to all of us by trying to make us forget our purpose in life:Love the world,love the nature,love ourselves,love others and flowing with all this Love in life and enjoy the ride!

No question why many couples are so different from each other,feel strange to each other. WE ARE ALL LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER! But once the lesson has been apprehended,we all need to flow in life,move on,change and go along with it,no fear inclusive in this voyage.

I have made a new girl-friend,she was reinforcing this idea when we met yesterday,telling me with a smile:"I do not need shopping malls and have the latest fashion designer clothes to be happy. If today I have money to eat,and tomorrow I don't,well I have no fear."

The important issue here is that we need to equilibrate.Our bodies are perfect examples of it;nature again.

We need to adapt to the world we have created ourselves,which is not an easy task,but it is the condition if you want to live in Singapore,for example;or Paris,France,or any other major city that praises the current capitalist system. We need to accept it and adapt to it. Otherwise,if you choose to do so,you always have the option to move to a mountain or a very small town where life is more tranquil and "easy."

What we cannot do is; once you have made that choice,to complain,because complaining on a choice we make is to deny responsibility for it and to undermine our power of decision. Rather than that,recognise the responsibility you have for it,live with it,be aware of the reasons that made you take that path...this way you are prepared to really respond to it and flow.

To be responsible means being aware and thus being able to "respond" to whatever we attract into our life.

Pleas,my brothers and sisters in the planet,accept this,trust the truth and take action,the world needs you for the changes we will create. The key is acceptance,the key is change,the key is love,the key is joy for the ride and adaptation.

Do not be afraid to open your eyes and memorise the light that comes in,so that when you close them you are still guided by light! For darkness my friends does not really exist!

Do not be afraid to become a leaf in a tree!

Love and light,keep breathing!

Bada Dill

Sunday, 24 July 2011


The answer is YES.

Indeed there are times when you just want to quit,all around you seems dull and boring,you are not happy with your job,with your love partner or even yourself. No matter the reasons,because there are no reasons when it comes down to emotions.

As creating conflict and problems becomes a need for many people,especially when they feel lost and cannot understand the true goal for life,we have the abilities to re-accomodate everything that has gone out of place.
Life is full of presents AND GIFTS. We are all part of moments and instants to remember and recall when necessary;and we are all gifted with all the spiritual qualities to overcome difficult times. The attitude towards both cases should be:
  • Get ready and prepare oneself when the presents of life come,for we must know what to do with the presents and the gifts.
  • Work in nourrishing ourselves properly and appropriately,two different things,yet connected. Nourrishment of body,mind and spirit.
Life passes by this way.Life is not a strange entity to us.We all are interconnected with it,and this is why we all are interconnected with each other,too. There is no question about it.

There will be many times when you will wish to run away from everything,which means that at some point of the way you have failed to confront and actually live up to your spiritual gifts.Facing whatever situation becomes a burden for the many,thus the easy way comes easily. Either avoiding the situation that presents to you,precisely as an opportunity to grow (in fact an opportunity sought by oneself!) in all the ways possible; or as a means of help for others that repercutes in yourself.

There are many times you just want to escape. In the form of a Spa treatment, or a long trip far away from where you are, or drugs,or sex,or just in the silent action of ignoring any difficulty in life.

Nevertheless, how can you escape yourself?

We need to come to understand that whatever situation and context in our lives have been created by ourselves.Whatever "problem" in personal relationships, social interaction, family communication, work relationships, etc. We all choose all that! We ourselves decide to live how we live, with the people we live and share a little of our lifetime.

So it is useless to try to escape,why would you want to do that? Not being able to confront and then grow spiritually, creating a burden for you, for your health in all senses. No need to do so. Wherever you choose to go,for whatever emotional reaction or will always carry what you live with you. You will always carry yourself in that luggage.

People who want to escape bad relationships with their lovers,parents,friends;need to rehabilitate their minds and spirits in the awakening knowledge that they are the source of those reactions and interactions with"bad' boyfriends/girlfriends/father/mother and other people in the world.

"No need to travel far away when you are about to find yourself." Says Bada Dill,my spiritual master.

Yet, many times we can find out the truth when we are far away from that which we try to escape from. But then that distance provides us with the light to be able to face and confront our fears and overcome them with greatness and humility. Recognising our own power of healing is a question of grandure,where pride is non-existent.

The real beauty in travelling far away to amaze oneself at the lovely world, and people and wildlife, and mother Earth and the cosmos...lies within ourselves. For no one who cannot see the beauty within is able to see with total joy the beauty in others and in the whole world because the whole planet means nothing if you do not reflect yourself in it,like a the Mayans used to teach us:

"In lakesh-Ai laken" - "I am another you-You are another me." This is the core of our very existence and our meaning in life.

Take every opportunity to grow, remember you cannot avoid the inevitable and this means getting to know yourself by the choices you make and the beauty of accepting responsibility for them.

Bada Dill

Saturday, 16 July 2011


"Meditation requires one and only one big concentrate on your breathing! It is our breath that really allows us to connect with ourselves and within. In fact, and at birth it is the lungs the organ that determines whether we live or not,or if we end up with brain damage because of the lack of breath.

It is breathing that changes whenever an emotion emerges in us in a reactive mode,when we get angry or happy,when we are sad, when we are fearful,our breath is a very important factor to identify emotions,and if we are conscious about them,feelings.

There are,therefore ways to control those reactions to those emotions and the key is: Conscious memory. Being aware and able to remember the moments and instants of tranquility and calm, solace through our breath is an essential task to be recalled;especially when we have to confront a difficult issue or time and we are "at the mercy of the emotions." No such thing happens when you know you are in control and have the power to face any situation by only remembering to BREATHE again easing your mind and so being capable of making the right choices. The simple fact of owning your right to make choices depends on your healthy breath,too. It is one of the most essential tools for life and add significance to everything we do.

It is a marvelous gift of life,like all our body,of course. Yet, water and air are two basic elements which are essential for remaning alive.

Whenever you can, consciously remember to breathe! This simple act,my also MEDITATION. You do not have to get into the lotus position in your yoga class to be able to meditate. Do you concentrate in your breath in those moments only? Yet ,you breathe all the time,otherwise you would be dead!

Become more coscious of your breath in your daily life and you will bring meditation to be a normal habit in you, you will choose without fear, you will feel relieved of any burden on your shoulders, you will live without attachments.

Breath means happiness in my dictionary."
                                             Bada Dill