Thursday, 28 July 2011


It is true, it is real.

Life,potential,power,inner beauty reflected in the outside and vice versa. The planet is a transport system and we are all passengers.

We live life according to a system,set by us,ordered by us,demonized by us,re-arranged by us,chosen by us,fractured by us and with great potential to be perfect,like us.

Still,there are people who do not feel they belong to this planet.People who feel they are out of this world,they are strangers in their own world and they know certainly that this system is not meant for them,thus they live and conceive life in a different way. What does this mean? Simply speaking,it just signifies they flow with life and its course.

Imagine a leaf hanging from a tree.Imagine this leaf coming to existence and its peak of life in spring,then autumn will come and the leaf will fall,carried by the wind somewhere else,falling into a river which will take the leaf somewehere else,the river will come to a lake,and the leaf will finally make the most transcendent change...turn into a source of life for other living and sentient beings going again into the circle of life and death.crisis.

Oh,what a nice dream to flow in life like a leaf! Living this world and its constant movement and vibration to the fullest,and going with it,as the most cherished voyage companion one can have,adapting,changing as well to live the new environment...flowing with life! The way it is supposed to be!

You can only find examples like this in nature. It is in Mother Earth that we can actually make comparisons on how every single living thing,including plants,animals,flowers,stones,mountains,elements and even human beings when we really make that meaningful connection with nature;with its own essence flows in life without disturbance.

It is no coincidence that in the last 30 years,more people are feeling odd and far from this world.No accident that married couples or lovers have chosen the antithesis of their own nature. To be able to learn important lessons about ourselves and life we need to understand this is only possible if we encounter the total opposite of ourselves,to find out in the end, that we share that very same nature,that it lives within us and we can let it go and flow somewhere else to feed spiritual growth for someone else.
Photo by Jose Carranza Castorena
People do not feel strange to this world,in reality they belong to this world. They feel strange to the system. The system that values people for how much money they make,or have,the system that does not care at all about people killing other people for whichever "unreasonable reason" they want to make others believe in,the system which only provides with worry and fear to all of us by trying to make us forget our purpose in life:Love the world,love the nature,love ourselves,love others and flowing with all this Love in life and enjoy the ride!

No question why many couples are so different from each other,feel strange to each other. WE ARE ALL LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER! But once the lesson has been apprehended,we all need to flow in life,move on,change and go along with it,no fear inclusive in this voyage.

I have made a new girl-friend,she was reinforcing this idea when we met yesterday,telling me with a smile:"I do not need shopping malls and have the latest fashion designer clothes to be happy. If today I have money to eat,and tomorrow I don't,well I have no fear."

The important issue here is that we need to equilibrate.Our bodies are perfect examples of it;nature again.

We need to adapt to the world we have created ourselves,which is not an easy task,but it is the condition if you want to live in Singapore,for example;or Paris,France,or any other major city that praises the current capitalist system. We need to accept it and adapt to it. Otherwise,if you choose to do so,you always have the option to move to a mountain or a very small town where life is more tranquil and "easy."

What we cannot do is; once you have made that choice,to complain,because complaining on a choice we make is to deny responsibility for it and to undermine our power of decision. Rather than that,recognise the responsibility you have for it,live with it,be aware of the reasons that made you take that path...this way you are prepared to really respond to it and flow.

To be responsible means being aware and thus being able to "respond" to whatever we attract into our life.

Pleas,my brothers and sisters in the planet,accept this,trust the truth and take action,the world needs you for the changes we will create. The key is acceptance,the key is change,the key is love,the key is joy for the ride and adaptation.

Do not be afraid to open your eyes and memorise the light that comes in,so that when you close them you are still guided by light! For darkness my friends does not really exist!

Do not be afraid to become a leaf in a tree!

Love and light,keep breathing!

Bada Dill

Sunday, 24 July 2011


The answer is YES.

Indeed there are times when you just want to quit,all around you seems dull and boring,you are not happy with your job,with your love partner or even yourself. No matter the reasons,because there are no reasons when it comes down to emotions.

As creating conflict and problems becomes a need for many people,especially when they feel lost and cannot understand the true goal for life,we have the abilities to re-accomodate everything that has gone out of place.
Life is full of presents AND GIFTS. We are all part of moments and instants to remember and recall when necessary;and we are all gifted with all the spiritual qualities to overcome difficult times. The attitude towards both cases should be:
  • Get ready and prepare oneself when the presents of life come,for we must know what to do with the presents and the gifts.
  • Work in nourrishing ourselves properly and appropriately,two different things,yet connected. Nourrishment of body,mind and spirit.
Life passes by this way.Life is not a strange entity to us.We all are interconnected with it,and this is why we all are interconnected with each other,too. There is no question about it.

There will be many times when you will wish to run away from everything,which means that at some point of the way you have failed to confront and actually live up to your spiritual gifts.Facing whatever situation becomes a burden for the many,thus the easy way comes easily. Either avoiding the situation that presents to you,precisely as an opportunity to grow (in fact an opportunity sought by oneself!) in all the ways possible; or as a means of help for others that repercutes in yourself.

There are many times you just want to escape. In the form of a Spa treatment, or a long trip far away from where you are, or drugs,or sex,or just in the silent action of ignoring any difficulty in life.

Nevertheless, how can you escape yourself?

We need to come to understand that whatever situation and context in our lives have been created by ourselves.Whatever "problem" in personal relationships, social interaction, family communication, work relationships, etc. We all choose all that! We ourselves decide to live how we live, with the people we live and share a little of our lifetime.

So it is useless to try to escape,why would you want to do that? Not being able to confront and then grow spiritually, creating a burden for you, for your health in all senses. No need to do so. Wherever you choose to go,for whatever emotional reaction or will always carry what you live with you. You will always carry yourself in that luggage.

People who want to escape bad relationships with their lovers,parents,friends;need to rehabilitate their minds and spirits in the awakening knowledge that they are the source of those reactions and interactions with"bad' boyfriends/girlfriends/father/mother and other people in the world.

"No need to travel far away when you are about to find yourself." Says Bada Dill,my spiritual master.

Yet, many times we can find out the truth when we are far away from that which we try to escape from. But then that distance provides us with the light to be able to face and confront our fears and overcome them with greatness and humility. Recognising our own power of healing is a question of grandure,where pride is non-existent.

The real beauty in travelling far away to amaze oneself at the lovely world, and people and wildlife, and mother Earth and the cosmos...lies within ourselves. For no one who cannot see the beauty within is able to see with total joy the beauty in others and in the whole world because the whole planet means nothing if you do not reflect yourself in it,like a the Mayans used to teach us:

"In lakesh-Ai laken" - "I am another you-You are another me." This is the core of our very existence and our meaning in life.

Take every opportunity to grow, remember you cannot avoid the inevitable and this means getting to know yourself by the choices you make and the beauty of accepting responsibility for them.

Bada Dill

Saturday, 16 July 2011


"Meditation requires one and only one big concentrate on your breathing! It is our breath that really allows us to connect with ourselves and within. In fact, and at birth it is the lungs the organ that determines whether we live or not,or if we end up with brain damage because of the lack of breath.

It is breathing that changes whenever an emotion emerges in us in a reactive mode,when we get angry or happy,when we are sad, when we are fearful,our breath is a very important factor to identify emotions,and if we are conscious about them,feelings.

There are,therefore ways to control those reactions to those emotions and the key is: Conscious memory. Being aware and able to remember the moments and instants of tranquility and calm, solace through our breath is an essential task to be recalled;especially when we have to confront a difficult issue or time and we are "at the mercy of the emotions." No such thing happens when you know you are in control and have the power to face any situation by only remembering to BREATHE again easing your mind and so being capable of making the right choices. The simple fact of owning your right to make choices depends on your healthy breath,too. It is one of the most essential tools for life and add significance to everything we do.

It is a marvelous gift of life,like all our body,of course. Yet, water and air are two basic elements which are essential for remaning alive.

Whenever you can, consciously remember to breathe! This simple act,my also MEDITATION. You do not have to get into the lotus position in your yoga class to be able to meditate. Do you concentrate in your breath in those moments only? Yet ,you breathe all the time,otherwise you would be dead!

Become more coscious of your breath in your daily life and you will bring meditation to be a normal habit in you, you will choose without fear, you will feel relieved of any burden on your shoulders, you will live without attachments.

Breath means happiness in my dictionary."
                                             Bada Dill