Monday, 17 October 2011


We are as well a species of habits.It is all dictated in the nature itself. As we have the Sun rising and setting each day and the full Moon coming to shine once in a while. We come to live our days with making choices every single second about every single thing implied in our path,whether it is for stepping out of the bed,once that decision is taken then which foot will come to step on the floor first,followed by which hand will rise to cover our mouths as we yawn...simple things,yet amazingly powerful to fulfill our intent,or projects in every instant.

The point of course is repetition. In order to make an action a habit, it is recommended to do the same thing at the same time during 28 consecutive days. This is scientifically accepted,but it could be less than that,of course,for there are people who learn faster than others. I am talking about questions we have to learn because we need a change or we want to change an older habit;of course we have the choice to make it always better in order to have a respect for nature,too. Nature is always renewing its own habits, nature is always adapting to new circumstances.


Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena
This is the big lesson of the natural flow in the world,in our planet,in the wildlife to which we used to belong, in the Universe which is neverendingly changing,evolving (I would like to believe that!) at every instant. One more thing to understand is that nature shows the way,always.

Whether if it is through sickness,or a shock, or great news, or lack of worry (yeah,suddenly we stop worrying!) or through a "bad" relationship or a "good" one that turns "bad" the law of change is always present,and the famous suffering the Buddha used to talk and teach about will come to terms due to the resistance and stiffness to it. It will evolve eventually according to our choice,again.

There is a natural tune of rythms and melodies in the world that we are part of. Like yawning,this planet and its energy has its own rythm and purpose in our bodies and physiology,the difference is that we don't know the purpose of yawning,we just have theories about it but nothing certain;for the planet it is all about balance...equillibrium. Just like our bodies, the planet follows its needs rules by its own laws and nature,we, humans have no other choice but to adapt.

This is for me, a definite destiny for us living in this world. It might just sound like a little detail,yet we need to know that we are all one with the planet.

I would love to have a mirror to look at the whole world in front of us,but then again we just have to peek at ourselves to have a hint of everything.

Keep breathing!

                           Bada Dill

Sunday, 16 October 2011


   Perfection is achieved when you understand the simplicity of nature and its balance,when in anything you do,you find joy and complete happiness to service and help the entire planet...and its inhabitants.

I have witnessed the amazing power of ADOPTION in one's peace of mind,which is followed by the heart and the contemplation of emotions. I let myself ellaborate.

As a teacher of Traditional Thai Massage I came about one very dear experience in which I learned this concept. I was with my class in Barcelona doing our morning prayers to the Buddha and Doctor Shivago,as it is marked in our ritual.The yoga studio I was teaching at is on the second floor of a beautiful building,in the middle of one of the most famous touristic corridors in the city called Las Ramblas,and even though we were there early in the morning on a Saturday,the narrow streets around the Barri Gotic next to the studio create a very audible echo, so we could hear people commenting on the city, or some with a hangover,another one running for fitness,let's say a wide and colourful array of choices in a jungle of concrete. Yet, no other sounds of nature,no birds chirping,no wind blowing,no leaves falling.
Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena

One of my students commented "Ay Dios que ruido!" Meaning how noisy,my God! Looking out the window where a sunray had found its way into the room,I just smiled at the words.

Recently,and I really mean that for it was just 20 minutes ago,a fellow Thai Massage practitioner working in a "palapa" by the beach called me to stop the noise of kids shouting in a birthday party next to the area he is at. Once again, I smiled at his words and went on to the party to call for a little attention to the fact that for him,they are making a lot of noise. I just waved with my hand saying hi to one of the persons attending the party and smiled at them.

A dreamer and yogui shared with me a picture she had taken and published in facebook.A very nice and melancholic photo of a empty bench in a park overlooking a city in Colombia. She said that it was a pity she did not have the right lenses and camera to make a better shot. I just smiled and told her the picture was pretty.

I believe we have to make a very clear distinction in what we conceive as perfection,for in our search of beauty outside of us and in the images, or sounds or moments we prefer or perceive as beautiful,we are missing the great opportunity of "adopting" all those events,all that energy going around as a significant experience to our spirit and heart. We must be able to find beauty in spite of any circumstance  because then this means that tranquility is within us so we have time to contemplate and be completely happy.

Every single instant is perfect,and even those filled with killings and violence need our help,our mind and love to turn into total beauty,for we all are perfect...and we must learn to understand why,and to see it through the power of adoption.

Keep breathing!

Bada Dill


  In the end of it all, there are no such things as erros or mistakes. This is a limited vision based on negativity,only.

I mean if you really give it some time to think about it, your present life is a series of steps taken by you,chosen by you and assimilated by you eventually. Each of your decisions will have its proper and right consequence,whether it turns out to be "bad" or "good" as an outcome.

What do you think of mistakes? Was the last step you took a mistake,or the one prior to that one? The general meaning or definition to the word implies a defective judgement, yet we can comprehend better the consequence of a decision form simple Physics.

Photo by Jose C Carranza Castorena
The equation action=reaction is inevitable in life,and part of nature itself. To consider what is natural a mistake is a mistake! The misconception and satanization of mistakes comes from the rationalization of things. The more you think the less clearly you see.

One very essential aspect of this process which stops the nature and flow of things and events is personality. "Personnae" means "masks." The fact that as we grow older we learn to put on different masks in order to survive,something we human beings consider to be natural,is a basic need in our species,as it is in many others in the planet. But what if it is NOT natural? What if it is only our interpretation of the world we live in as we evolved?

So all this implies we are to go back to the "cave men" time,but don't worry,just in terms of human nature.

In the end, we all know that we are the consequence of our past. Whether we have chosen to be a thief, or a police man, a housewife or an accomplished business woman, a killer or a healer; it is all a question of choice. Even in the poorest lumpens in the world, survival and success is a question of choice. Of course that we need to rid our minds of commercial concepts of success and the idea that people sell to us since we are kids and struggle to understand this grown-up concept. For this is one of the many masks possible to take into our lives.

As we move onto living with Consciousness,we can start the acceptance of the choices we make and our chosen path in life. Choosing is a natural need for survival and most important (once we have reached that state of survival), it is an essential way to have the might,the power to discard all the masks,one by as to experience our true Essence,which is naturally connected to the equillibrium between light and beauty.

Because we are all light
and we are all beauty
...we are all the core of love.

Keep breathing!
       Bada Dill