Saturday, 12 November 2011


"Why do same souls have to fight?
Because they love each other so much it is unbearable?
Because they hate each other deep down and hate to admit it?
Because they look in the mirror and all they see is their soulmate but he or she is not there to tell,to have or to hold."
 Jose Castorena

It is said in almost all fairy tales about Prince Charming. This romantic myth is very popular in the children,especially with girls. They grow up and are continuously bombarded with loads of information about it all along their lives. The romantic stories of our parents come to terms and add up to the illusion many times.

Romance,romantic,romanticism; are words connected to Love (with the most sensible people),to nice gentlemen and and poetry, songs, music and more. The one detail that brings almost all these characteristics together,in real praxis, is suffering. One of the definitions of romance is "fictitious,not based on fact." This has historical reasons and is based on the experience of many many human beings since we know that sentiments, feelings and emotions exist.

One more thing to consider in this story is the fact that in the past, romantic poets wrote about Love and feelings in beautiful verses and prose,yet the soul of their poetry was filled with suffering and misery.

The heart of the matter and the most amazing mistakes along life,in this issue, is comparison and illusion.They are always interlaced.

As we al hear the stories and fairy tales as children,we create in our imagination an imagery of what is beautiful and ideal,thus we create the illusion. As we grow up we are unable to understand the separation of illusion from reality,which is why,I believe poets in ancient times, and some even today, wrote about attachment and egos,mistaking them for real Love...still creating another illusion in all those whose needs are based on a false idea of Love.

I have read some "spiritual" authors who live still on illusions and fairy tales,and mislead in their ideas of a "soulmate." Some say that there is only one for each one of us,along all our life,once again creating the illusion of going out there in the world to try to find "the one." Besides, this creates,in reality, suffering, in the sense that if we do not find the one, or Prince Charming and/or our soulmate,we might end up with "the wrong one" and be miserable all the rest of our existence.

One more thing about soulmates is that I strongly beieve the Mayan people in ancient times were very right in their vision of each other as a mirror and reflection,too. So,we of course have to agree, a soulmate is that person whom we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Being aware of this will automatically discard worry and suffering for if we think about it,a soulmate is only a person other than us, with whom we share similarities and coincidences in all senses;yet we are not totally equal, due to our formation and all that we learned to be true as we grew up with different environments and contexts.

The soulmate is not someone who will complete us,this is in its totallity wrong. We are in the process of learning all our lives,and in that sense we require to feel complete within ourselves, to be able to share our lives at that stage with someone who will feel the same law of attraction between two who consciously want to share all they have learned together, and all they are to learn from each other,together...always having in mind we are all mirrors of all.

A soulmate is that someone who is essentially love and light, in whom you are able to recognize yourself as you look at each other in the eyes. Two people sharing their love and light as they walk along in this life together. Two people whose independent hearts beat as one and are so close that many times all they require is silence to communicate,and only some times, only some times they do whisper words of love,and poems in the ear.

Let's get real and live in Love and Light... there is no danger or illusion in that.

Keep breathing,

Bada Dill