Sunday, 22 January 2012


I was just lazying around at home in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and thinking about something I had said before: "There many real yogis out there in the real world of the system we have created,who deal with things every day which the "yogis' in the mountains do not. I want to see those yogis come to a big city and walk in someone else's shoes for at least a week."

I think the result of that experiment would be interesting.

Then, while eating some oranges I had bought in the supermarket on the holiday of this country of the Virgin of Altagracia, something I never intended to be so, I realised about something else, and this time it had to do with work, with vocation and what we do in life.

"Every single one of us chooses to do what we are doing because we need to learn and we have essential lessons for our spiritual growth."  Nothing just happens, our jobs are not an event out of our control or desire or need,they are all seeked for by our mind for subconsciously we all share the need to evolve and transcend.

I am not a healer and massage therapist out of no reason. I chose this path because of my need to heal myself. Scientists choose to be that because they need to find answers,the answers of the universe in one small particle. Engineers probably have the need and the vocation to invent and construct things; architects have the drive to create and design most probably because they need to be part of this wonderful design that is the world. Drivers,waiters,managers,etc. All of the jobs we have created in this system of ours exist because of our basic needs, especially made by ourselves. And our basic needs are spiritual,nothing else is. Even for the ones who have their own companies, the approach and whatever they sell has to do with a spiritual growth and drive to reach that point that cannot even be conceived.

Like a friend of my boss who has a franchise of "Life is Good" company, or my own boss who started the project of the spa where people come to relax and have a nice time;like me who came here to work with him because of the values he has and the need to heal the whole group working for him...starting with me and my own essence. There is nothing we choose to do that is random or hazardous,it all has a direct connection with our deep selves.

I have chose to write to be able to understand and give way to all these thoughts, which if they remain trapped in my mind then I comprehend that I would not be giving back to mother Earth in exchange for all the blessings she and the whole Universe has given me,starting with the power of choice...the beginning of the Power of One.

Keep breathing,

Bada Dill

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I'd better say "Whichever you ask or demand for,in any shape and way will come to you, you only will be required to be prepared for it, otherwise you will not appreciate it, and it will just go away." This does not mean it will not come back to you, if you really mean it from the heart, you will always come across it again.

It's like giving a two year-old child whose size is only fit for a their age, clothing that fits a four or 1 year-old. They are not prepared for it. And depending on how small or how big the clothing is, one is going to appreciate it more and the other will suffer it more.

Time to add Goddess to God to make it really balanced, for God is just an incomplete idea without the instinct to create that comes more naturally from women,and Mother Earth. Welcome every moment of your life with this in mind and you will find yourself taking care of this planet that has given us everything to exist and co-exist in Love and Peace. Stop the conflict in your mind and start doing something to save this Earth that loves us!

We waste so much time thinking of what could be, the potential of things and circumstances, we read so many books about personal growth and go to so many courses led by the authors of those books...yet we FAIL TO ACT! Yet, we fail to make a plan, to design our future in our minds, and in paper, expecting that all the results and circumstances will be manipulated by some divine power,which exists of course, but cannot "act" on our behalf. Otherwise what would there be to learn about our power to change things, and save ourselves without giving that power to anyone else? The potential is always there,inside,in our minds. Potential means "to be able to", related to power, thus energy to act,to chage things. Why are we so obssessed with the ideo of possessing things and people.

The obsession ends when we get to understand that we ourselves are impermanent, then of course the rest of the things, property, cars, and junk that we amass along the years and we own are finite as well. It is when we liberate those things from the prison of our minds that we are truly set free, and in that bliss of emptiness we find a rich field to sow the seeds of success,love,things we can own for as long as we live,and the unattachment to all of the above!

I spent so long obsessed with getting a job to be able to accomplish things and buy stuff and be able to give presents to my wife, buy a travel package for her, that is the end I did not reach that goal. Why? Because I was to care for her, not the things I 'wanted" to get for her. Happiness is closer than we think, and it is cost free. I had my wife by my side supporting me all the way, caring for me, working hard to give me support in my projects and my job search,yet I gave her a bad time sometimes worrying about not getting what I wanted. But all I wanted was to make her happy! But this was wrong, because I was really making her unhappy with my attitude and obsession.

Truth is, that we can share happiness with others. We cannot make anyone happy because happiness is a state of mind and communion with the Earth and nature that have allowed us to develop and exist,even the nature of birth marks the path to happiness. WE CAN ONLY SHARE OUR HAPPINESS WITH OTHERS! When we try to make someone else happy we might lose scope of who they really are,because what I think makes my wife happy,indeed is something that makes me happy.

Why? Precisely because of impermanence,because of the natural law of change in everything, in life, in nature. What my wife likes today she might not like tomorrow. It can be anything,colours, tastes, textures, smells,etcetera. There is no other law but the impermanence and constant change in everything.

One more thing, why are we always so defensive?

I understand that together we are ONE,and of course stronger. To be together with the one you have chosen to love is bliss,and nothing else is worth it if you have to sever.

In the end of it all, what lingers in time and space is knowledge.Of things and people.
Keep breathing!