Sunday, 25 March 2012


   It seems that we, human beings spend more time wondering why we are here, what our purpose and mission in this life is and talking about our lives and strikes of it to friends, relatives and sometimes even strangers in the hope of finding the answers we seek.

   We tend to see it all outside, we tend to seek for all those responses outside of us.We go and consult with palm readers, clairvoyants (which literally means "the one who sees clearly."), Tarot readers, etc. The only result of this is either a disappointment of human kind and less money in our pockets (the sensation of having wasted it) or a newly recharged ego when you believe all the beautiful things coming your way and the baby boys and girls you are going to have with the Blue prince of your life, the time you will have your beautiful house plus the dog, plus the car, blah, blah, blah.

   True fore-telling is totally false. We have to comprehend one thing: All events in our lives are the answers we find, not the ones we search, in the palm of our hands. Like electro-magnetic fields we live and walk our lives attracting to our path all sorts of circumstances and people to be able to progress. It is the aim of our lifetime.
Photo by Jose Cruz Carranza Castorena

Recently I came to know of a famous Mexican "palm-reader" who lives in Barcelona. His realistic vision of Quiromancy impressed me so much that I, for the first time, became interested in this ancient art of "knowing about the past and present traits marked by ourselves through experience,plus the potential we have to exploit our future possibilities."

The question then remains unanswered: When are we going to stop responsibilizing life itself for the experiences we choose to live,and the life we decide to lead?

Since time is our own invention,too,then most probably this is why that question will always remain vacant for someone to say just: I am doing it! I am living...not wondering what life is or what I live for!

Keep breathing!

Bada Dill