Sunday, 6 May 2012


I was giving a lesson on Ayurvedic philosophy to some massage therapists in Dominican Republic, talking about Chakras and Nadis and some other introductory aspects of this Indian tradition. When I was mentioning the fact of energy as a base of every single thing in life and Earth,one of them raised her hand. I was saying that even the moment of conception of a new human being when the couple are having sex is charged with a lot of energy,the mind, the heart, the emotion and many other things come to act as catalizers of what's going to be the atmosphere, the environment of the new being...since they are conceived, precisely because it is energy that is always present.

What the girl had to say was that she felt her mother loved more her sister than her, and she believed that probably she was an unwanted child. Tears came to her eyes so naturally connected to her deep sadness at the thought of it:being unwanted. So I started thinking that all these theories and ancient philosophies and knowledge of life, which most probably are based on observation through the years, must be indeed right.

One thing I find fascinating in life is curiosity. This eagerness to know, to find out, to get to "the" truth. By nature itself I believe we own this curiosity independently of our environment,it does exist and if have the opportunity we will exert that feature in us human beings;and I thank not being a feline for I know it will not kill me.
Bada Dill in Corsica

Something that implies the Chakras, as well is the fact that they all simbolize and have a meaning in our life. Something I said,too was that the Chakra of the throat, Vishuddha, drives our expression and is connected to the sexual Chakra (Swadhistana) in terms of our power to create.

So, one is the moment of conception, and another aspect of our formation is the years of formation and education,for even inside the womb we are being all the time bombed by all sorts of messages and communication from our mother and the rest of the world, including our father if he is around. Psychological, emotional and physical communication that fuse with each other to make a final statement in the way we are to be in this world.

It is proven that the human brain requires touch to develop faster,it requires to be loved. On the other hand I believe that if we go to the other extreme, when there is violence and no signs of love during the growth of fetus and child, the brain will still develop faster because it is our natural instinct to survive once we have gained enough "experience" in life.

This signifies that our environment, whichever it is, will have an impact in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth in life. This are some of the reasons I think we can differenciate clearly the mature from the immature: Peace of mind, quiet and happy spirit, capability to enjoy the present and acceptance of change; and most important, love, always love.

It depends on our choice and how we decide to evolve or not, based on experience once we gained consciousness of our situation, meaning we need to know where we stand,and gain awareness of that to be able to move on, to continue walking forward in our path...the path we choose to follow. This is why there is a great disparity and inexactness when we meet someone who is 45 years old and call them a "mature" person. First of all because of ignorance, we do not know the choices this person made to survive and live; secondly because no matter how many years pass by, if a person decides to stay stuck in one painful experience and chooses to fill themselves with anger and fear, they will spend the rest of their lifetime in that phase, and be a helpless child even in their late 60's. Unless they decide to flow with the waves of change...accepting them to the extreme being aware that they will be in deep cleansing due to spiritual growth.

Rainbow in Punta Cana. Photo by Bada Dill
This is what people say sometimes: "He/she is like a child!" or "Do not be childish!" We tend to say that of people who are totally funny,"cute" or totally a nuissance. Yet, we forget that many actual children can surprise us with their knowledge of life and their sense of it and their awareness regardless of their age. Relativity rules our lifetime. Then it is fair to say that the basis of growth in all those aspects of our essence (not personnae) in spirituality leads our lives and it is not until we come to comprehend and adopt that body of knowledge that we can, in reality, grow as a human being, and enjoy life no matter what the circumstances are; because if we reach that state of peace of mind and happy loving heart, that "bad" environment ceases to exist, those circumstances that "life itself brought upon us" are no more.Then we can become observants, able to tell the difference between what is true (Love) and what we have created ourselves due to our painful experience and repetition or recalling of those memories,brought to our present,in order to break that karmic chain in our family itself.

We are walking physically-developed children, sometimes pretending to be adults, or craving to become mature.

The real change comes from within ourselves, even a child can understand that one!

Keep breathing!

Bada Dill