Sunday, 14 October 2012


Every day of our lives has meaning, even if we do not find it or see it clearly at first. Light and the first step we take every morning implies a deep comprehension when we stop to meditate about it, about each decision we make and action in our daily habits. Even habits are part of something we choose to do and not do anymore, eventually.

As we gain awareness that all simple things and circumstances happen due to our own influence, then we are capable of regaining all the power we are given as we are born. Only then we are able to conduct our lives towards higher goals without forgetting who we are and accept it in total humility.

Awareness brings health in every sense. In our body, yet it is our mind that can start it. The inverse process can bring the same results, only that we need to be prepared and open to experience all the changes that come along with that choice, too. I mean when we start practicing a physical and energetic discipline, like Yoga, our body will be able to comprehend better and faster whichever influence that leads our mind into a new shape, a new form of acting, thinking, And finally just observing.

One way we can all start our path in awareness is by Thanking for every single thing and event in our lives, because we are all the ones that make them happen without noticing, blinded by the veil of giving away our will power and our right to choose.

"Thank you because I can open my eyes and see the new day come to me, and experience myself within it. Thank you for letting me wake up and all the learnings of this day I am about to have. Thank you for letting me be a teacher for some, as well. Thank you for my beautiful body, because it is healthy and complete. Thank you for making me responsible of taking care of my body, my temple...the most sacred place on Earth I will ever live in and pray. Thank you for I can share all my knowledge with those eager to learn, thank you for making them open their own minds and be humble enough to teach others and share light and transform it into wisdom for all. Thank you because I am you and you are me and we are all connected and One. Thank you for making my body a spiritual perfect machine to love and be loved. Thank you for all the blessings in my life and making me worth of them all."

And we are manifesting to the Universe and being One with all of it. So, indeed we are thanking ourselves and all the elements that surround us; Mother Earth, water, fire, metal, air, etc. Because WE ARE ALL THAT!

Begin thanking...and heal.

Bada Dill